Holdings of sets of Dyson's music in public libraries are listed on the ENCORE website.

Sets belonging to the Dyson Trust
are administered by Bournemouth
Library.  Enquiries, please telephone 01202 454845, email

The titles held are:

The Blacksmiths - 80 copies

The Canterbury Pilgrims - 95 copies

St Paul's Voyage to Melita - 111 copies

Sir George Dyson's music is also available from the publishers listed opposite.

A number of unknown or lost works can be found at the end of the complete list of Dyson's compositions. The Trustees would be very pleased to hear from anyone who might be able to shed light on any of them.  Please contact the Adminstrator, Lewis Foreman.

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Oxford University Press

Evening Service in C Minor

for sale +44(0)1865 556767

The Canterbury Pilgrims

on hire +44(0)1865 353699

The Canterbury Pilgrims
(orch. suite, arr. Palmer)

on hire

At the Tabard Inn (overture)

on hire

In Honour of the City (chorus, orch.)

on hire


Evening Service in D

for sale +44(0)20 8343 3303

Morning Service in D

for sale

Te Deum Laudamus

for sale

Thames Publishing

A Christmas Garland

for sale +44(0)1603 721302

A Spring Garland

for sale

To Music

for sale

The Canterbury Pilgrims (choral suite)

for sale

The Wife of Bath (soprano solo)

for sale

Three Rhapsodies (string quartet)

for sale

Novello (Music Sales Ltd)

Symphony in G

on hire +44 (0)1284 705705

Symphony in G (study score)

for sale +44 (0)20 7434 0066

Violin Concerto

on hire

Violin Concerto (study score)

for sale

Prelude, Fantasy and Chaconne
('cello and orchestra)

on hire

Concerto Leggiero (piano and strings)

on hire

Concerto da Camera (strings)

on hire

Concerto da Chiesa (strings)

on hire

Quo Vadis

on hire


on hire

Sweet Thames Run Softly

on hire


on hire


on hire

There are also 3 organ works and 15 short vocal works for sale as well as several shorter works for chorus on hire.


Children's Suite (orchestra)

on hire +44(0)1216 225200

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