Sir George Dyson is one of the great unsung musical heroes of his day. Born into a working class family in Halifax in 1883 he died in Winchester in 1964 a pillar of the British musical establishment and one of the great educationalists of his time. He was Director of Music in some of the UK’s most prestigious schools, Director of his old alma mater, the Royal College of Music, and the voice of music on the BBC as well as a colourful writer about music.

But it is for his own music that he will be best remembered. His compositions are  hugely attractive and cover a wide range of genres: chamber music, songs, piano music, choral music, orchestral music and perhaps most successful of all, his music for choir and orchestra, often with soloists. 

You can discover the range of his output on this website. Go to the Recordings page and listen to clips from many of his works which should encourage you to discover more of this wonderful composer’s music. Almost all his works are available on disc.

Dyson was a truly gifted orchestrator and his orchestral scores (and of course those with choir) are cram full of colour and imagination which always connects with performers and audiences alike. 

Enjoy browsing this site, and discover this great musical world. If you want to know where to start here are a few suggestions:

Violin Concerto

The Canterbury Pilgrims

In Honour of the City

Bach’s Birthday for piano

Concerto Leggiero for piano and strings

Cello Sonata

Three Songs for Julia

Children’s Suite for orchestra

ENJOY!! The Trust offers grants to assist with performances of Dyson’s music including a special time-limited grant for choral/orchestral performances. See the Grants page.

The Sir George Dyson Trust, charity number: 1068109.

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